International Career

Start your career with these courses aimed at international students who plan to apply in Germany and all students who are interested in working abroad:

  • German translation of English applications (Online)

    Looking for a job in Germany? A well-written application in German will help you to get the position you want.

  • Academic Writing (Fünfteilig/Online)

    One of the most challenging, yet highly important tasks for students may be to develop their academic writing skills in an effective way.

  • Applying in English (Online)

    This course is designed for students applying for an internship or for a first job abroad.

  • Interkulturelle Kompetenz Skandinavien

    Die skandinavischen Länder sind nicht nur äußerst beliebte Reiseziele, auch der dortige Arbeitsmarkt wird zunehmend attraktiver.

  • Applying in Germany: Cover letter, CV and Job interview (Online)

    If you want to find an internship or a job, a good application is your first step to success.